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Bangkok International Symposium, Keynote adress

26th November 2019 - 28th November 2019


26th November 2019
28th November 2019
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Thai Association of Dental Implantology

Implant, Abutment and Peri-implant tissue junction: a guardian of success or a troublemaker?

Nikos Mattheos

Dental Implants are no longer perceived as passive metal constructions. On the contrary, implants are shown to be biologically active systems, which constantly interact with human and microbial tissues, supporting function and aesthetics in a delicate balance between biology and technology. It is exactly this interrelation between living tissue and precisely constructed biomaterials that determines long term success or complications. In no other part is this interrelation more crucial than within the Supracrestal Complex.

Possibly one of the most complex man-made ecosystems, the Supracrestal Complex is the tiny space defined by the cortical Marginal Bone (apically) and the first couple of mm of the implant prosthesis exposed in the oral environment (coronally). It’s no more than 200 square mm, but this tiny space packs 3 out of the 4 tissues of the human body, at least 3 mechanical constructions (implant, abutment, abutment screw, prosthesis), more than 300 types of human cells and countless numbers of bacterial species.

The Supracrestal Complex is a true cyborg organ: it includes all 3 key players: Human Tissue, Mechanical parts and Bacteria in a constant dynamic interplay. As recent studies have pointed out,  this tiny space is the source of the most common implant long-term complications of both the biological and the technical type.

In this presentation, we will identify the interactions that take place in the Supracrestal Complex, we will discuss the design features and conditions that give rise to the most common problems and finally identify the strategies for prevention or early identification of complications.


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