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Challenges in Implant Dentistry Education
by Nikos Mattheos - Saturday, 12 November 2011, 08:50 PM

Implant dentistry: A new specialty or an extension of general dentistry?


Is "Implantology" an emerging new speciality
or a multidisciplinary tool in the comprehensive patient management?

This recent paper in the Alumni International  discuss the latest trends in this on-going discussion and the role of the universities in structuring quality education within Implant Dentistry.

By Nikos Mattheos, Griffith University

Implant dentistry is one of the newest, fastest developing and most dynamic areas in dentistry. It is one of the most active fields of research and development in healthcare and it alone represents over a 4.8 billion dollar global market1. Implant dentistry describes the field of
dentistry, which evolves around the replacementof missing teeth with osseointegrated
titanium screws anchored in the jawbone. After 30 years of development, reconstructions with dental implants are in many cases perceived as the golden standard of replacing missing teeth2, demonstrating great improvements in the quality of life of the patients3. The use of dental implants in reconstructive dentistry has become a widely accepted and welldocumented treatment option, resulting in an increased number of patients requesting
or receiving implants. Furthermore, implant-related pathology and complications such as peri-implantitis are becoming an increasing problem4. It is therefore imperative that the modern general dentist has a thorough understanding and specific competencies within implant dentistry, as well as the implant-related pathologies. . .

Read the whole article at Alumni International here

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